Questionnaire for Potential Puppy Buyers

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Address 1: 

Address 2: 

City:  State:  Zip: 



From whom did you learn about my litter/me? 


1)  Is this your first dog? 

2)  Have you ever owned a Weimaraner? 
     a)  If yes, from whom did you get your dog? 
     b)  If no, have you spent time with the breed? 

3)  What kinds of previous experiences have you (and/or the members of your household) had with dogs? What breeds?

4)  List the names and ages of the members of your household:

5)  Do you have other pets? What kind? What age?

6)  How big is your yard? How do you plan on containing your dog?

7)  Where will your dog live (inside, outside, etc.)? 
8)  How much time during the day/night will the dog be alone? 
9)  Where will your dog stay during this time? 
10)  Can you afford the care of a large dog? (approx $40-50/mo) 
11)  Might you be interested in joining the local Weimaraner club? 
12)  Might you be interested in joining the national Weimaraner club? 

13)  Why do you want a Weimaraner puppy?

14)  Do you have a preference for the sex of the puppy? 

15)  How strong is your interest in the following areas?

Home: Watchdog    Guarddog     Companion/Pet 
Hobby: Hunting    Obedience    Agility    Other 
Competition: Field   Show Obedience  Agility    Other 
16)  Might you be willing to let another person train and show your dog? 

17)  Are you willing to take your puppy to obedience/puppy classes? 

18)  Are you willing to abide by a contract that includes things such as registration, health, breeding, and general care requirements? 

19)  If you are interested in a pet would you accept a Limited Registration on your dog? 
          (A Limited Registration is an AKC registration that does not allow offspring of the dog to be registered)

20)  If you have had dogs previously, please include the name, address, and phone number of the veterinarian you used.
          (Or other dog related reference)

21)  One last item: Have you considered the adoption of an older/rescue Weimaraner? 
Puppies are a lot of time and work. Many times an older dog is a better solution for people with a busy lifestyle.
If you'd like to explore this option, I'd be very happy to assist you.

22)  Any other comments or questions you have for me?