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Hi. My name is Digit.

You can click one of the links below to learn more about me or visit with Benton (my granddad) or Kaiya (my mother).

Kaiya on Point

Graenit's Two Full Bytes

Click on each picture for more detail.

Digit's Vital Statistics

Digit's Notable Accomplishments

Digit's Structure and Conformation

Kaiya stackedKaiya moving

To the left: At 3 years of age (March 2001).

To the right: On the line at a field trial (September 2000).

In a word, Small. Digit is a well balanced dog, with lovely movement. She has better bone and rib spring than her flashier mother.  Her coat is medium grey with no white or "dobe markings." It is very dense, short, and thoroughly protects her chest and belly. She generally carries an undercoat, which provides extra protection in the field. Digit has a feminine head with a sloping stop. Her eyes are well spaced, almond shaped, and medium yellow. Digit's chest is very definitely the field type. It is deep, and well sprung to giveplenty of room for lung expansion. Conformationally, Digit is more of the field type than the show type.  If her mother is a show dog - Digit is a working dog - stockier and smaller than her mother, yet still well built.

Digit's Temperament and Health


In a word, Loving. You can be watching TV and the next thing you know, Digit has wrapped herself around your neck (literally!).  To Digit, strangers are friends she hasn't made yet.  A dog dominant Weimaraner bitch, Digit is watchful of her place in 'the pack', yet soft with people.  She is a quick and happy learner.  Hardy in temperament, she takes to the pressures of more intense training easily and with no ill effect.  She is very, very stable and is not worried by new or unusual situations.


There is no known history of hip dysplasia, extra eye lashes, or immuno deficiency, in this dog or her lines.

Digit In the Field

In a word, a Intense.  She's like two different dogs.  One the soft, loving, trainable Digit we know in the house.  The other the intense hunter of the field.  Digit is a dog we have to watch in warm weather to ensure she doesn't harm herself by working too hard.  Digit's point is strong and stylish. She not only points birds, but she finds them. Digit has an outstanding nose, often pointing game from 15 to 20 feet away. She runs a medium Gun Dog range showing intelligent use of wind and cover. Digit likes to keep to the cover, using a more traditional quatering pattern.  Digit was slow to mature in the field.  She showed some promise for the first two years, but nothing earth shattering.  Then, after she turned two, she blossomed into a hard driving, hard hunting, intense hunter.  Her sire's owner confirms that this is typical of his pups.

Thoughts about Digit's Breeding

Digit's breeding was a search for a more consistently produced versatile dog.  Her father is the Weimaraner who is closest to the elusive Triple Champion title.  We felt this breeding would be a fine marriage, bringing together two dogs both equally strong in conformation and field.  We were so pleased with the results we repeated the breeding, producing Tess.

Digit's Four Generation Pedigree

                                Am/Bda Ch Seseca's Medicine Man BROM HOF OFA-Ex
                        Natl Spec/Am/Can Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation BIS BROM HOF OFA-Ex
                                Am/Can Ch Colsidex Dauntless Applause NRD BROM HOF OFA
                Ch Bama Belle's Mountain Man BROM OFA-Ex
                                Am/Can Ch Von Allendorf's Maximilian BIF CD NRD NSA V OFA
                        Bama Belle's Limited Edition ABVR-Normal
                                Ch Bama Belle's Hi-Country Shana NSD ABVR-Normal
                                Natl Spec/Am/Can Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation BIS BROM HOF OFA-Ex
                        Ch Ihre Hoheit Junge von Mart BROM OFA
                                Ch Bitte Ihre Hoheit von Mart UDTX VX
                Greysport Duchess of Grace TD OFA
                                Wildfall's Frost of Kragnasty
                        Ch Greysport Amazing Grace BROM UDTC RDX NSD VX TDI OFA-Gd
                                Ch Hoot Hollows Firefly CD TDX V OFA-Gd
Graenit's Two Full Bytes OFA-Ex
                                Weiner Schnitzel's McDuff NSD
                        NFC/4xNAFC/AFC/DCh Top Deaugh MH NRD SDX VX
                                Charlie's Angel II
                Ch ArimarLisa Arkansa v Graenit SH NRD SDX Fld Ptd CERF OFA-Gd
                                Ch Sundancer's Arimar Timujin NRD V Fld Ptd
                        ArimarLisa's Brave Banshee NSD NRD Bench Ptd
                                Arimar's Reiteralm Encore
        Ch Graenit's Rushin' Roulette SD JH Fld Ptd Dual Fut OFA-Gd CERF
                                Ch Valmar's Jazzman CD NRD NSD V BROM OFA-Gd
                        DCh Valmar's Valiant Knight CD VX BROM OFA-Gd
                                Ch Valmar's Pollyanna BIS BISS BROM OFA-Gd
                Ch Graenit Piper von Grayshar CGC Fld Ptd OFA-Ex
                                Ch Ihre Hoheit Jung von Mart OFA-Gd
                        AM/Can Ch Greysport Touch of Grace TD NRD NSD V OFA-Gd
                                Ch Greysport Amazing Grace UDTX RDX NSD VX BROM OFA-Gd

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