How the Blizzard of '97 Impacted Us

Drift across our street

The "Blizzard of '97" occurred October 24 - 25 (Friday and Saturday). We didn't get dug out until mid-day on Tuesday the 28th. It took a front end loader to dig out the drift across our street. It was too big for the plow to handle.

Drift at the back door

George spent the blizzard with "3000 of his closest friends" at the Denver International Airport. He was caught on his way home from a "quick" overnight trip to Washington DC. (Oops.) He was finally able to escape the airport and find a hotel mid-Sunday afternoon. By that time he hadn't slept in about 40 hours. He finally made it home with a neighbor (who was also stuck in Denver) in the early afternoon of Tuesday.

Esteri, Jakob, and all the dogs spent the blizzard at home. On Saturday Esteri spent the day keeping Jakob happy, and quite literally throwing the dogs out the door one by one. (With five, that takes a while.) Fortunately, the house never lost power or phone service. A minor miracle.

Jakob Takes You Back

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