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Hi. My name is Kaiya.

You can click one of the links below to learn more about me or visit with Benton (my dad) or Digit (my daughter).

Kaiya on Point

Ch Graenit's Rushin' Roulette, SD, Fld Ptd

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Kaiya's Vital Statistics

Kaiya's Notable Accomplishments

Kaiya's Structure and Conformation

Kaiya stackedKaiya moving

To the left: Shown placing Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex for her first major.

To the right: A lovely shot at full extension. Note her muscle tone.

In a word, Petite. Kaiya is a well balanced, elegant, very feminine dog. Her coat is medium grey with no white or "dobe markings." It is dense, short, and thoroughly protects her chest and belly. She doesn't generally carry an undercoat. Kaiya has a feminine head with a sloping stop. Her eyes are well spaced, almond shaped, and medium yellow. Kaiya's chest is a nice combination of show and field types. It is deep, yet better sprung than more typical show lines. Conformationally, Kaiya is more of the show type than the field type.

Kaiya's Temperament and Health


In a word, Affectionate. Kaiya is an affectionate, intelligent dog. She is particular about whom she shows this affection. Win her heart and she's in your lap. If you are a stranger she's a typical Weimaraner, polite, yet standoffish. A dominant Weimaraner bitch, Kaiya is occasionally stubborn and does best then things are 'just so'. For example, she has a favorite show collar and lead. Put her on anything else and, while she'll show, it's with a less upbeat attitude. Kaiya learns quickly, much of the time in a single repetition. She is very, very stable and is not worried by new or unusual situations. Kaiya is dog competitive. She simply will not allow another dog to beat her at anything. She must go faster, show better, work harder than her competition.


There is no known history of hip dysplasia, extra eye lashes, or immuno deficiency, in this dog or her lines.

Kaiya In the Field

Kaiya on point

Shown on point on wild birds in Oklahoma

In a word, a Huntress. Kaiya's point is strong and stylish. She not only points birds, but she finds them. Kaiya has an outstanding nose, often pointing game from 15 to 20 feet away. She runs a medium to long Gun Dog range showing intelligent use of wind and cover. Kaiya is a wonderful line runner, and completes a line before breaking off to continue running. Usually, she is working the line in the cover itself rather than along the edge like many line runners. Kaiya is all-breed competitive at the Gun Dog level. She has an attractive and athletic way of going and carries a high tail. She is a natural and enthusiastic retriever.

Thoughts about Kaiya's Breeding

This was our gambling litter (hence, Kaiya's registered name, Rushin' Roulette). Seeking to improve the Dual nature of the Weimaraner breed we bred Benton to our Group winning Specials bitch, Pippy. Both sire and dam were out crosses, and the resulting litter was a further out cross. With the broad genetic base of this litter we simply didn't know what to expect, it was quite simply, a gamble. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. Of the six pups, we have bench Champions, hunting companions, obedience and agility competitors, and, most importantly, solid and reliable children's companions (three pups went to homes with young children). Kaiya will almost certainly complete her Dual Championship, and one male from the litter would have as well but for a change in family circumstances. We couldn't be prouder of this litter and the happiness they have brought to their families.

Kaiya's Four Generation Pedigree

                                   FC Michael Weiner Schnitzel NRD SDX
                         Weiner Schnitzel's McDuff NSD
                                   Taylor's Heidi
               NFC/4xNAFC/AFC/DCh Top Deaugh MH NRD SDX VX
                                   Mister Plywood
                         Charlie's Angel II
                                   Weiner Schnitzel's Seme Scoot
     Ch ArimarLisa Arkansa v Graenit, SH, NRD, SDX, Fld Ptd, CERF, OFA-Gd
                                   Ch Arimar's Mountain Mist
                         Ch Sundancer's Arimar Timujin NRD V
                                   Ch Arimar's Regina Reiteralm
               ArimarLisa's Brave Banshee NSD NRD
                                   DCh Arimar's Ivan
                         Arimar's Reiteralm Encore
                                   Ch Rajah's Genesis Reiteralm
Ch Graenit's Rushin' Roulette, SD, Fld Ptd     "Kaiya"
                                   Ch Valmar's Chancelor V Starbuck OFA-Gd
                         Ch Valmar's Jazzman CD NRD NSD V BROM OFA-Ex
                                   Ch Valmar's Elke Schwenden OFA-Gd
               DCh Valmar's Valiant Knight CD VX BROM OFA-Gd
                                   Ch Sir Eric Von Sieben BIS BROM OFA
                         Ch Valmar's Pollyanna BIS BISS BROM OFA-Gd
                                   Ch Valmar Serenade V Wustenwind BROM OFA-Ex
     Ch Graenit Piper von Grayshar CGC, Fld Ptd, OFA-Ex
                                   Am/Can/Natl Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation BROM OFA-Ex
                         Ch Ihre Hoheit Junge von Mart OFA-Gd
                                   Ch Bitte Ihre Hoheit von Mart UDTX VX OFA-Gd
               Am/Can Ch Greysport Touch of Grace TD NRD NSD V OFA-Gd
                                   Windfall's Frost of Kragnasty
                         Ch Greysport Amazing Grace UDTX RDX NSD VX BROM OFA-Gd
                                   Ch Hoot Hollow's Firefly CD TDX V OFA-Gd

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