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Graenit's Non Sequitor

Born:  June 20, 1999            AKC:  Full Registration

Tess is the result of a repeat breeding that produced Digit.  Pups from the first breeding have had hips that x-rayed as Excellent.  We expect Tess to be just as sound.

Tess tends to be a little on the soft side.  Harsh training techniques will ruin this dog.  She requires a firm but gentle hand.  Tess has a strong desire to please and is easily trained.  She needs to be the center of someone's attention.  She gets along well with children and cats.  Tess has a sense of humor - she like to play jokes on the other dogs.  She is a light-hearted dog.  Tess is people oriented.

Tess points and has strong prey drive (currently directed towards squirrels).  With training she should make a good hunting companion for the casual hunter.  She is not a good choice for a serious hunter looking for a hunting companion first and a family companion second.

Tess should finish pretty easily in the show ring.  She is very sound, has excellent movement, and meets the Weimaraner standard in every major respect.  However, she will truly shine in the Agility ring.  She is an athletic dog who needs an outlet for her abilities.  (Click on the image below for a larger view.)

Sire:  "Moose"

  • Dual Champion
  • Winner Best in Specialty Show
  • NAVHDA Utility Test Prize III


                Am/Bda Ch Seseca's Medicine Man BROM HOF OFA-Ex
            Natl Spec/Am/Can Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation BIS BROM HOF OFA
                Am/Can Ch Colsidex Dauntless Applause NRD BROM HOF OFA
        Ch Bama Belle's Mountain Man BROM OFA-Ex
                Am/Can Ch Von Allendorf's Maximilian BIF CD NRD NSA V OFA
            Bama Belle's Limited Edition ABVR-Normal
                Ch Bama Belle's Hi-Country Shana NSD ABVR-Normal
                Natl Spec/Am/Can Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation BIS BROM HOF
            Ch Ihre Hoheit Junge von Mart BROM OFA
                Ch Bitte Ihre Hoheit von Mart UDTX VX
        Greysport Duchess of Grace TD OFA
                Wildfall's Frost of Kragnasty
            Ch Greysport Amazing Grace BROM UDTC RDX NSD VX TDI OFA
                Ch Hoot Hollows Firefly CD TDX V OFA-Gd
Graenit's Non Sequitor "Tess"
                Weiner Schnitzel's McDuff NSD
            NFC/4xNAFC/AFC/DCh Top Deaugh MH NRD SDX VX
                Charlie's Angel II
        Ch ArimarLisa Arkansa v Graenit SH NRD SDX Fld Ptd CERF OFA-Gd
                Ch Sundancer's Arimar Timujin NRD V Fld Ptd
            ArimarLisa's Brave Banshee NSD NRD Bench Ptd
                Arimar's Reiteralm Encore
    Ch Graenit's Rushin' Roulette SD JH Fld Ptd Dual Fut OFA-Gd CERF
                Ch Valmar's Jazzman CD NRD NSD V BROM OFA-Gd
            DCh Valmar's Valiant Knight CD VX BROM OFA-Gd
                Ch Valmar's Pollyanna BIS BISS BROM OFA-Gd
        Ch Graenit Piper von Grayshar CGC Fld Ptd OFA-Ex
                Ch Ihre Hoheit Jung von Mart OFA-Gd
            AM/Can Ch Greysport Touch of Grace TD NRD NSD V OFA-Gd
                Ch Greysport Amazing Grace UDTX RDX NSD VX BROM OFA-Gd

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